Here’s how we protect your personal data

Contact form

What do we do with the information you are asked when you send us a message via our contact form ?

We collect your name, your e-mail address, possibly the subject of your message and the theme (s) that catch your attention, but also the message you send us.
These informations are necessary in order to provide you the most relevant answer you expect from us. We keep them for 12 months.

This data is only used to answer you and is not transmitted to any external company or organization.

Data from your customer account

What do we do with the information you are asked when you create a customer account and place an order on this site ?

We collect:

  • Your name and surname.
  • Your email address.
  • Your password to access your account.
  • Your billing and delivery address.
  • The history of your orders.

These informations, related to billing, are necessary. We keep them for 5 years.

These data are only used by our company and are not transmitted to any other company or external organization.

Payment Information

When paying by credit card, the number of your credit card and the CVV code on the back of it, and the expiry date, are sent directly to the Stripe platform responsible for carrying out the banking transaction, and this, within an encrypted form. We do not collect these informations and do not have access to it at any time because these data do not pass through the server hosting our website.

You do not have the possibility to register your credit card on our site, because we do not wish to store this information which belongs to you.


As soon as you start browsing our website, so-called “functional” cookies are placed on your equipment (computer, tablet, smartphone, …). These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the site: they serve, during your session, to memorize the chosen language, to memorize your connection as a customer, to allow you to filter the display of the products, to memorize your basket, to record your order.
These functional cookies are not deactivable because this would make it impossible to navigate the site. These cookies are automatically deleted after visiting the site (closing your session or your browser).
We do not use any other cookie: no audience scanning cookie, no tracking cookie, no advertising cookie, etc … Why? Just because we respect your privacy and our ethics forbids us to share any data about you.

The rights you have on your data

If you have an account on the site, you can request to receive a file containing all the personal data that we have about you. You can also request the deletion of your personal data. This does not take into account the data stored for administrative purposes (billing in particular), legal or for security reasons.

How do we protect your data

First, we protect your personal data by keeping only minimal information: the bare necessities for a company linking a commercial relationship with its customer (billing information). To protect this data about you, we use a secure and redundant IT infrastructure, we carefully study and test the security of the computer code that we use, and of course we use an encrypted connection between our server and the computer tool that you use to visit our site.

Access to your data

If you want to access the personal information we have about you, just ask us via our contact form.
After verifying your identity, we will send you all of this information.