Handmade crafts and passion …

Our creations are all handcrafted locally, at home, in Roscanvel (29), a small village in the Crozon Peninsula, in Brittany, France.

Our products are handmade with high quality materials (pure linen, pure cotton –half woven essentially–), to ensure esthetics and longevity.

We pay a great attention to the quality of our crafts: a defect in the fabric, a crippling error in the realization ? In these cases, we discard the fabric and the work is restarted.

However, we speak about homemade and handmade crafts. Therefore, we can not offer you the precision of a work done by a machine …

In the absence of absolute perfection, we are proud to guarantee you our love of work well done, our time spent realizing authentic quality creations, and the total implication of our know-how.

That’s all the ethics of our approach !